Spring Summer 20


Liu Jo Eyewear

Created in collaboration with Marchon Eyewear, the collection has Liu Jo's attitude in its DNA, combined with all the experience of a leader in the worldwide eyewear sector. Ultra-chic in its various inspirations, the pieces of the eyewear collection enhance the seductive power of the feminine gaze.

Liu Jo Uomo

Contemporary and charming, comfortable and versatile - these are the characteristics of the Liu Jo collection for the dynamic, cosmopolitan man who understands new fashion trends, transitioning from business to social occasions with a distinctive, naturally attractive style.

Liu Jo Fragrances

Femininity is also explored through its ultimate expression: fragrance. Elegant compositions, packed with nostalgic scents which transform into essences capable of evoking memories, moods and a thousand kinds of seduction; all created via a creative collaboration between Liu Jo's style and Perfume Holding's expertise.

Liu Jo Casa

Liu Jo has chosen Eria as its perfect partner for creating Liu Jo Home, a collection of textile furnishings designed to strongly reflect those spaces which really reveal your personal style. Trendy designs and sophisticated materials bring Liu Jo's creations to life, reaffirming its commitment to being a lifestyle brand, enhancing spaces via shapes, colours and glamorous combinations.

Liu Jo Living Collection

Liu Jo presents its living collection in collaboration with the ATL Group, a leading company in the industry. A furniture line - chairs, tables, divans and beds - with a versatile, contemporary personality, capable of injecting the same care and attention that Liu Jo gives its clothing collections into your living spaces.