Mission & Vision

Liu Jo stands for freedom and expression. It’s a brand for free, eclectic souls who live life to the full, no matter what it throws at them, staying determined, enthusiastic and nonchalant, and with a touch of glam too. In keeping with its founder’s vision, Liu Jo's collections are designed for energetic, dynamic individuals who value their neighbours, the planet and their community, and who aren't bound by convention. Liu Jo was created to inspire and champion seduction, bold sophistication and elegance that takes you unawares. It’s a brand which goes about it’s daily business with a cool way of looking at things, always on the hunt for top-class materials and paying painstaking attention to detail.

History & Milestones

Unmistakable and sophisticated, the glamorous world of Liu Jo fashion and lifestyle has been built up over years, incorporating many faces that mirror how times have changed and reflect the fluctuating trends in fashion, society and business too. The story of the brand is constantly evolving, driven by a forward-thinking vision and marked by achievements that have helped to define the mission the brand pursues today: help women find their own personal style so they can be who they want to be.

Economical & Financial Data