Our creative philosophy is a vision of femininity that is not a simple aesthetic elaboration, but a deeper and more intimate exploration of the unique and instinctive strength, personality and beauty of every woman. We work enthusiastically to put forward contemporary and stimulating creations, characterised with glamorous style and an all-Italian audacity, inviting women to mix and interpret the garments to express their personality and physicality in a free and seductive way. This is how our creative philosophy emerges: a manifesto of empowerment which combines Italian style with a constant search for excellent materials and scrupulous attention to detail.


From its origins in one of the districts of excellence of Made in Italy clothing, to its affirmation as a premium brand of Italian fashion recognised internationally and an extensive network of stores around the world, Liu Jo has gradually written chapters of a story, year after year which over time has become a real entrepreneurial philosophy, conceived from an initial vision of the contemporary woman.

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Brothers Marco and Vannis Marchi founded Liu Jo with their first lines. The brand’s growth is established first through the multi-brand channel and subsequently, with further consolidation, through the single-brand channel, in Italy and abroad.


The Liu Jo style concept evolves to create a total look, the natural evolution of a brand born to enhance all aspects of femininity. The accessory lines are born, collections dedicated to the world of kidswear and the first concessions are signed: the brand evolves from a lifestyle perspective, to meet the interests and aspirations of an increasingly loyal community.


The iconic Bottom Up jeans are launched with an innovative, integrated communication campaign and the protagonist of a TV commercial that has entered the imagination of fashion advertising. It’s the beginning of a denim story that continues to this day, a constant dialogue between experimentation and femininity. The evolution of the brand moving towards lifestyle is strengthened with the introduction of the footwear line.


Company growth continues thanks to the acquisition of the Underwear and Beachwear licenses. The accessories line debuts on television with two exclusive campaigns entirely dedicated to the launch of the first it-bag. Hereon starts a new communication strategy, which over time, reveals our most iconic bags in an unprecedented, fresh and integrated way, characterising the tastes and desires of today's women.


Liu Jo chooses Kate Moss as its new ambassador, helping to make the brand's image even more glamorous and international. New important openings are linked to the increasingly dynamic and recognisable company structure; such as the flagship store in Milan and the approach to online business, with the birth of our e-commerce channel. At the same time, the new lines Liu Jo Fragrances and Liu Jo Eyewear made their debut, marking the beginning of new prestigious partnerships in the perfume and eyewear sectors.


Communication evolves towards a brand narrative studded with important campaigns, seeing directors, photographers and iconic international fashion names capturing our values of empowerment and self-confidence. A new identity, which finds its greatest embodiment in 2020, with campaigns that celebrate our roots and DNA through the special faces of young icons, starting with Kendall Jenner. During these years Liu Jo also gets to work on a green path, that marks an important moment in sustainability: the #BetterTogether manifesto is born, a concrete commitment and invitation to change simultaneously.


Liu Jo celebrates their Italian origins, achievements and future goals by launching a renewed message of joy and pride that revolves around the letter J and the keywords Jo, Jeans, Joy. The SS21 campaign brings the focus of #JFactor, bringing to the “jeans” to the forefront, the iconic garment of the brand that has always represented Liu Jo's multifaceted, dynamic and glamorous style. The story continues through the campaign FW21 #Viviamo! which is a hymn to life and an invitation to regain possession of the beauty of every moment. In parallel, the commitment to sustainability is growing, with the introduction of new Better garments and the decision to make a fundamental category of the brand, that of accessories, increasingly sustainable. With the introduction of certified recycled materials and the reduction of resource consumption in the production process.



Towards a new future, to conquer an increasingly international panorama. Challenge after challenge, our business model evolves towards a strategy that favours flexible, contemporary models. In an increasingly connected world, dynamism is the order of the day. Liu Jo looks not only at digital innovation, with an always-on communication that further strengthens the bond with its customers, both consumer and business, but also to respond to their most glamorous desires, offering increasingly complete collections, enriched during the season with on-trend garments and accessories.


Ethics and aesthetics are two essential values that inspire Liu Jo's style and vision, nurturing a constant union between the elegance of the product and that of thought. From this union our sustainability manifesto, #BetterTogether was born. It places respect for the planet and social responsibility at the centre of actions which are increasingly oriented towards the enhancement of human resources and the development of one's own territory. It’s the beginning of a change that starts with small gestures. Because while you can take the first step alone, together you can make a difference.

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