From its origins in one of the districts of excellence of Italian knitwear, to the inauguration of iconic stores and corners that recount the Liu Jo DNA to the world. Year after year, the brand has written the chapters of a story of its own evolution, in its retail dimension that are the most authentic


With a model capable of combining the identity of retail soul, with a widespread wholesale presence, today Liu Jo is present in 46 countries and 4 different continents. Thanks to a distribution network that has 419 single-brand and 5888 multi-brand stores worldwide. In Italy, the numbers of Liu Jo tell a story of consolidated success: over 176 stores, including single-brand boutiques and pop-ups, and over 2942 independent multi-brand and specialty stores. The expansion abroad presents itself as a challenge for Liu Jo, which already has 243 single-brand stores and pop-ups, and about 2946 independent multi-brand stores in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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Glamour and refinement are the underlying themes in Liu Jo's retail concept. It translates the brand's typically Italian style into shapes and spaces, transforming the shopping experience into the exploration of an extraordinarily multifaceted and fascinating world. Over a course of years that has seen a succession of versatile and iconic concepts, the Milanese flagship store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, based on a creative idea by Christopher Goldman Ward and renovated in 2019, today represents the maximum expression of the Liu Jo DNA, able to offer an engaging and representative shopping experience.