Rougj x Liu Jo

Rougj for Liu Jo is the exclusive make-up line that has been developed to enhance the natural beauty of every woman and her style. A complete range of lip oils, eyeliners, mascaras and eye palettes inspired by Colour Harmony principles and organised around 4 make-up looks, one for each colour season: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.


Beauty is not just about what you wear, but rather something that is cultivated over time and emphasised in many ways. If you have luminous skin and light eyes, you’re a Spring and your colours are green, red and coral orange.


When your complexion tends to be golden with dark blond, copper or chestnut brown hair, your colour season is Autumn. The right make-up should explore the warm hues of brown, bronze and ochre yellow.


People belonging to the Summer season have silvery skin, an eye colour that ranges from cerulean to ice blue, and extremely light hair, all the way up to and including Nordic blondes. In this instance, your make-up should favour soft, pastel colours, like lavender, grey and mauve.


The main feature of the Winter palette is the strong contrast between the skin, eyes and hair with vibrant and bright colours. If you see yourself in this description, you should choose bold, cold colours: black, purple, fuchsia and cherry red.

Casual style

Convey your style through your make-up choices too. If you love denim and casual garments, define your face naturally, add a little shimmer on the eyes and use our lip oil to enhance your lips.

Party style

Evening falls and the lights come on with the most sophisticated party looks. Make-up must-haves include bold reds to define your lips and glittery, head-turning eye shadows.

Sporty style

Dynamic and constantly on the move between training and commitments around town. Your make-up should perform just as well as you do! So let's give the green light to long-wearing face products and waterproof eye make-up.