Privacy Policy

LAST UPDATE: July 2015


LiuJo S.p.A., company with registered office in Viale J. A. Fleming, 17, 41012 Carpi (Modena), Italy, informs that the data provided by each person, both when using this website and in the circumstances specified below, will be processed pursuant to the terms and conditions described below, which constitute “notice” pursuant to article 13 of Italian Leg. Decree 196 of 30 June 2003 (Code for the protection of personal details, hereinafter “Privacy Code”).


The controller of the data that are the subject matter of this notice is LiuJo S.p.A., company with registered office in Viale J. A. Fleming, 17, 41012 Carpi (Modena), Italy, which can also be contacted by writing to the following e-mail address:


Liu Jo S.p.A. collects personal data of various kinds from users of this site, from its customers, from those who wish to subscribe to our newsletter, from the holders of the various types of cards issued by the company, from applicants for job vacancies listed in the careers section, or from those who send unsolicited applications.  These data are always processed in accordance with the rights to privacy of the concerned persons as well as with the guarantees and necessary measures prescribed by the Privacy Code and the various measures of the Antitrust Authority on the subject.

2.1. Personal data that must be provided

2.1.1. Providing certain personal data is required and therefore mandatory in order to give way to specific requests of the concerned parties: the parties are always free to not provide the requested personal data, but in this case it would be impossible for LiuJo S.p.A. to satisfy the request received, complete the online purchasing process or however meet the needs of those concerned.

2.1.2. Personal data are required for:
– signing up for our newsletter (email address);
– registering on our site, with the opening of a personal account (name, surname, postal code, country, email address, password);
– purchasing products and services on our website (name; surname; shipping address with street, town, postal code, province, country; phone, email address, password, credit card details);
– providing any personal Card (name, surname);
– properly awarding benefits reserved for holders of cards issued by Liu.Jo S.p.A. (information on purchases made and overall spending over time).
– the submission of applications for job vacancies listed in the careers area and the forwarding of CVs.
of the website or unsolicited applications

2.1.3. These data will be processed only for management and administrative purposes in order to meet the explicit requests of the interested parties, on both paper and electronic media, and will be stored at Liu Jo S.p.A.’s only for as long as the interested parties keep a personal account on the website, subscribe to the newsletter, hold one of our personal Cards or for the requirements for which personal data were collected, except where otherwise required by law. After this storage time has elapsed, personal data will be automatically deleted or made permanently anonymous.

2.2. Optional personal data

2.2.1. LiuJo S.p.A. also requests optional personal data whose consent to process is required. Users may choose whether or not to provide them. This can be done using this website (in the various forms: subscription to the newsletter, registering a new personal account), as well as when a product is purchased or a card is requested at a store by completing the special customer form called customer profile card.

2.2.2. Providing (and consenting to the processing of) data requested for marketing purposes (commercial communications and sending advertising material other than newsletters, direct sales proposals, market research) and profiling (definition of individual or group profiles, customer segments with similar characteristics, consumer preferences) is particularly optional.

2.2.3. If permission is not given for these purposes, there will be no effect on the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter, to complete an online purchase, to open a personal account on the website, to become a holder or to use a LiuJo card (each according to the specific “General Terms of Use”).

2.2.4. In particular, depending on the circumstances, these data may be: name, surname, gender, date of birth, complete address, phone number, email address, profession, favourite magazine or other consumer preferences or habits.

2.2.5. As seen in the previous paragraph, the request for consent may also include, for the same marketing and profiling purposes, the processing of mandatory data already provided for other purposes. However, if consent is not given for marketing and/or profiling purposes, the personal data that have in any case already been provided will never be processed by LiuJo S.p.A. for the purpose specified.

2.2.6. The only exception to the above rule is set out in art. 130 of the Privacy Code that establishes that with regard to the promotional activities carried out through e-mail, the consent is not necessary when dealing with products and services similar to those purchased and the interested party has not refused said use, either initially or when sending subsequent communications.

2.2.7. These data will be processed both with paper and electronic media if the consent to process for marketing and profiling purposes is provided. The personal data processed for these purposes may be related to data regarding purchase transactions (purchased products, individual and overall costs, etc.) both online and at the stores. The data collected for profiling and/or marketing purposes will be stored at LiuJo S.p.A. for a period no longer than 12 and 24 months, respectively, from their registration for said purposes. After this storage time has elapsed, the optional personal data will be automatically deleted or made permanently anonymous, while those previously collected for the purposes set out in paragraph 3.1, which are mandatory, will cease to be used for marketing and/or profiling purposes.

2,2,8 Applicants may provide of their own free will optional information and optional information that may qualify as sensitive data pursuant to Art. 4, paragraph 1, letter d) of Legislative Decree 19603, (e.g. information on their ethnic origin, religious or political affiliation, information on their health, protected group they belong to, family, etc.) by completing the Biographical section of the form and/or by attaching a copy of their CV. This type of data entered intentionally by the candidate (including any personal photographs) will be handled by the Data Controller only after obtaining the express consent of the applicant by means of checking the relevant box upon sending their application. Applicants are therefore asked to provide only sensitive information related to the application.

2.3. Navigation data
During their normal operation the ID systems and software procedures used to operate this website acquire some personal data whose transmission is implicit in using Internet communication protocols.
This information is not collected to be associated with identified interested parties, but by their very nature could allow users to be identified through processing and associations with data held by third parties.
This category of data includes IP addresses or domain names of computers used by users connecting to the site, URI (Uniform Resource Identifiers) of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in reply, the numerical code indicating the status of the reply given by the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters regarding the user’s operating system and computer environment.
These data are used only to obtain anonymous statistics on site usage and to check its correct functioning and they are deleted immediately after processing. The data could be used to ascertain responsibility in case of hypothetical computer crimes committed against the site: except for this possibility, at present the data concerning web contacts do not persist for more than seven days.


3.1. Managers and agents of data processing
The parties who may become aware of the personal data referred to in this notice in their roles of processing managers or agents; directors of the Marketing, E-commerce, Retail, Administration and Accounting, Legal, Information Systems and Customer Care sectors; employees working at the relevant offices; and employees of LiuJo stores, each as regards their powers and duties and on the basis of assignments and instructions given.

3.2. Communication of data (to certain external parties)
As regards its ordinary business, accounting and administration operations, and as regards the data and purposes described in paragraph 3.1. above, LiuJo S.p.A. may disclose the personal data in observance of the specific minimum security measures:
– to Group companies
– to third party suppliers of services required only to supply the service requested
– to postal services companies
– to banks and financial intermediaries
– to law firms and notary’s chambers
– to consultants, including partnerships
– to service companies
– and to other parties in compliance with any legal obligations in force.
The data processed for the purposes referred to above in paragraph 3.2. may be disclosed, again in observance of specific security measures, to third parties specially designated as managers or agents, of which LiuJo S.p.A. could use of various services (postal services, technical and IT assistance and similar).

3.3. Transfer of personal data abroad.
In some specific cases, personal data may also be transferred abroad to parties with offices also in countries outside the European Union (used by LiuJo S.p.A. on its servers physically located in Switzerland; exchanges or sending of e-mail through e-mail providers whose servers are located abroad, mostly in European countries and in the United States). In this case, the data will be transferred abroad only in accordance with the provisions of Articles from 42 to 45 of the Privacy Code.

3.4. Disclosure of data (to certain indefinite parties)
In no case whatsoever may the personal data discussed in this notice be disclosed.


At any time, the applicants may exercise his/her rights with the Data Controller in accordance with article 7 of the Privacy Code, i.e. they can obtain confirmation of whether or not personal data concerning them exist and learn of their content and origin, check their accuracy or request that they be supplemented, updated or corrected. Pursuant to the same article, applicantsalso have the right to request that data processed in breach of the law be deleted, transformed into anonymous form or be blocked, and to object to their processing for legitimate reasons.

To exercise these rights, or to obtain any other information about them, requests should be addressed:
– by email to the following address:
– by regular post to LiuJo S.p.A. – Viale J.A. Fleming, 17 – 41012 Carpi (Modena), Italy